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Momentum Feedback. The Catholic School Choice. Student and parent support Private candidates Finding a school or college. Finding a school or college If you are a private candidate, you will need to find a school or college willing to enter you for your subject. Finding a school or college If you are unable to find a school or college from the list below, you may still wish to contact other schools and colleges in your local area; even if a school or college does not appear on the list, the exams officer may still be able to accept you.

Acceptance of private candidates by schools and colleges It is up to the school or college whether to accept private candidates.

Catholic education in Australia

The list is updated regularly. We cannot provide you with a list of schools and colleges for a particular subject. A to F Bedfordshire to Essex. G to N Gloucestershire to Nottinghamshire. HA0 1EH O to Z Oxfordshire to Yorkshire. Whatever it is, paying high fees for private school is not an economically rational decision, says Sean Leaver, a behavioural economist specialising in education choices.

He compares it to a luxury consumption decision, like buying a top-end BMW over a good cheap Toyota.

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Both will get you there. So … everything else is a bit of a proxy. In a measure of the sensitivity around the issue, Guardian Australia found it difficult to find parents willing to speak publicly about why they chose private schooling for their children.

click here It might be a mark of status within private school communities, but in the public arena, very few want to articulate the reasons. Likewise, most private school principals approached by Guardian Australia declined the invitation to talk about what private schools offer in exchange for their fees. Barker is a co-ed independent Anglican day and boarding school that was founded in Including its Indigenous school, Darkinjung Barker, near Wyong, it has about 2, students.

Associate Professor Piccoli, who was a leading advocate for needs-based funding while he was minister from to is also a supporter of school choice, with his own kids in the Catholic system. Public schools have to take all comers, but through fees, entrance exams, targeted scholarships, interviews, discretion and discipline proceedings, private schools can pick and choose.

50 Years of U.S. Catholic Schools, By The Numbers

Public schools are much more publicly accountable. Leaver, the economist, says parental choices are typically driven more by anxiety than reason but it could be a rational choice to go private if your local public high school is small and does not offer the range of subjects your child wants. Are private schools really stricter, better at instilling discipline or shaping the good character of children? That is certainly conveyed in the rhetoric and marketing of many private schools. But it might be simply that such schools have easier raw material to work with — and, as Piccoli pointed out in a public brawl with Trinity College in , the fact they can just expel problem kids.

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Independent school advocates argue that the concentration of private resources is not the key point to private schools. It can happen or not happen within either sector. So where are the teachers better?