These 28 Vinyl Records Are Worth a Combined $1.9 Million

If you have a defect call this number or write this address. What do we do now. I pulled it out of its jacket for the first time and there was debris on the jacket or somewhere that record from the first play I click some pops and one deep scratch in it and the even miss some of the trimming of the vinyl. There is no absolute standard by which to set the price.

That said, in a free market, no one has to buy it.

Finding Out How Much Vinyl Records Are Worth | Best Turntables

Charge less sell more…hopefully one day. In early 90s when most titles were non-vinyl Jimi Hendrix reissues were Exploitation continues. I get all my vinyls from 1CAD to 50cents from Spring book sales and I already have over records most of the extremely valuable. The problem i have with such a high cost on the medium today is quality of the lp. Sure Gram weight is fine but how about the mastering and pressings. First of all most current releases are digital masters. So high res digital files are a better value. Daniel Sanchez.

These 28 Vinyl Records Are Worth a Combined $1.9 Million

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Change to the Security tab. Select "Only from sites I visit" or "Allow". Close the dialog using the cross. Get timeless quality with custom vinyl pressing American-made wax ready in 7 weeks Get pricing. Make your own custom vinyl records now. Get started. Already have a stack of wax? Sell it here. Get pricing. Get a Quote.

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Need Help? Chat with us Email: info duplication. Chat with one of our representatives Email: info duplication. Session Expiration Warning Your session is due to expire. Yes , extend my online session. Some online options are platforms that facilitate your sale typically for a commission ; while others leave the details to the sellers and buyers with no fees or moderation. Set a buy it now price; or, for more valuable records, try the auction format.

You can have the buyer pay for shipping. Payment is submitted via PayPal before you ship your records.

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  8. Users contribute to a detailed record database, and you can add and track your personal collection. To sell your vinyl records, create a listing and add photos and videos. Etsy Though originally intended for handmade items, Etsy has a decent number of vinyl record sellers — and it can help you get your collection in front of a large audience. Pass shipping fees on to buyers and pay a cent listing fee, plus 6. You can sell your records or complete record collections directly to online record stores.

    Most online record stores are extensions of locally-owned and operated record stores, and many will travel to take a look at the right record or collection. Others offer instant quotes and allow you to mail your records in. Search online for collectors by specialty:. You might find willing buyers who consider records to be secondary pieces to their main collections. For example, a collector of Elvis memorabilia would certainly have interest in Elvis records, but not Beatles records.

    The directory lists collectors and dealers by state, as well as websites where you can find buyers. Selling directly to collectors can be more tedious than selling on established marketplaces and to record stores, but it can also prove more financially fruitful. These options let you sell directly to local buyers. There is little if any moderation and all are free.

    That said, selling directly to local buyers can help you net the greatest payout: there are no middlemen or shipping fees to get in the way. Local record stores and pawn shops can evaluate your collection and make an instant cash offer. In both cases, the buyer must pay below value so they can later mark it up to resell for a profit.

    Spend time researching your records, and get an appraisal if you think you have a valuable record. Knowing exactly what you have and being able to properly articulate it to collectors will help you get the highest payout. In addition, be sure you know whether you have original editions or reissues, which are worth significantly less than originals.

    He adds that serious collectors usually buy protective covers for the vinyl and picture sleeves — and they never leave the original vinyl inside the original picture sleeve. Learn more about properly caring for and storing your records.

    Preparing vinyl records for posting

    If you have a large collection, you should have it appraised for insurance purposes whether you are in the market to sell it or not. Get offers from multiple buyers to see which will pay the most money; at the minimum, set a price based on the true market value of your record and accept offers that meet or exceed it or at least come close. Methods have improved over the years and many counterfeit records are very close in appearance to the original pressings.

    The album sold well in but was deleted nine months after its initial release due to a court order. Learn more about counterfeit records. If you want to find valuable records to resell, you need to know the best places to look — and what to ask.

    How to Start a Vinyl Record Collection

    Always stop and ask if they have any records. Old vinyl records are more than mere music delivery systems; tracking down the value of your records so you can sell them can be a cultural and historical journey. Follow the guidelines here, and that adventure could put cash in your pocket! OnePlus charging port not working? Repair costs depend on your model and selected repair option.